Black Leaf Purple Magic Beaker Bong Ice Rainbow Effect

Black Leaf Purple Magic Beaker Bong Ice Rainbow Effect

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This beaker bong from 'Black Leaf' enchants with its metallic shimmering rainbow effect. The iridescent colour gradient shows shadows of the leaves of our favourite plant and the 'Black Leaf' logo shining through the purple tinted borosilicate glass.

The adapter with diffuser slits and the lift-off bowl for herbs are also made of iridescent blue-lilac which emphasises the magical look. As the bowl has a large passage, we recommend the use of a screen. There is also a kickhole (including a plug) and that kicks the user straight into the land of dreams.

If the cooling by the air swirls and water bubbles created by the diffuser adapter is not enough, simply fill a lot of ice cubes into the spacious ice chamber. With a wall thickness of 7mm and bi-stable grind, the magic ice bong is also very robust. The mouthpiece is comfortably rounded.


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