Piece Maker Silicone Unicorn Bong

Piece Maker Silicone Unicorn Bong

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Limited edition! 'Black Leaf' collaborates with 'PieceMaker' and out comes the 'Unikorn' with a 'Bitch Bong' unicorn print on the buttocks in limited edition.


The chillum with the Hex-Tex diffuser from 'PieceMaker' hidden in the belly of 'Unikorn' ensures specially many cooling water and air swirls. The volumous screen bowl is the only metal part of this pipe. As mouthpiece serves the ergonomically shaped horn.


The 'Unikorn' lies very well in the palm whereby the kickhole is practically and comfortably reached with the finger. Naturally, the silicone bong is almost unbreakable which makes it a good companion on the journey or on the bathtub.


True to the motto from ‘PieceMaker‘: B.Y.O.T. – Blaze Your Own Trail!

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